Tal Lostracco's Summer Theatre Camp at Baylor University -- July 7-20
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the deposit refundable?

After June 1st the entire deposit is non-refundable.  Any refund before June 1st will be charged a 10% handling fee.   After June 1st the entire deposit is non-refundable

Why is there a 10% handling fee for refunds before June 1?

Because of credit card processing fees as well as the time it takes for staff to process refunds of deposit Tal Lostraccos’s Summer Theatre Camp must charge a 10% handling fee for any refunds. This fee is in place so Talscamp doesn’t lose any money when a student withdraws from camp.

I have a child who is a beginner in theatre. Is this camp for advanced students only?

The camp and the classes are designed for all levels of high school training. We have beginners as well as more experienced students with us each summer. The camp and classes welcome students of all levels of experience.

How old does a student have to be to attend?

Students who will be enrolled in high school in the fall are eligible to apply.  An 8th grader can apply to the camp in the spring and attend in the summer because they will enroll in high school in the fall.  Graduating high school seniors must submit a letter of intent to the camp director for review before application is filed.

Do the boys and girls live together in the same dorm?

While the campers will be housed in the same dorm they are strictly divided by floor level.  There is a Male and Female dorm supervisor that live on each floor whose only job is to monitor and ensure the safety of these students. In addition there are camp counselors, teachers, and directors living on each floor ensuring this separation.  No males are allowed on the female floor and no females are allowed on the male floor whether they are a student or staff member.  Anyone who breaks this rule will be expelled from camp.

If I live close, can I commute to camp instead of living in the dorms?

We treat the camp as a pre-collegiate experience and require all students to live in the dorm and use our meal plan.  In the past we have offered this, but we found that the commuter students often felt like and were treated as outsiders.  We want everyone to have the same positive experience.

Does your camp fill up or can I wait to complete my application?

The past 2 years the camp has filled up and we have had a waiting list for admission.  We take applications on a first-come first-serve basis.  We only accept 75 students into our summer program.  We would advise you to get your application in as soon as possible.

Should I bring my bathing suit to camp?

Yes, please bring your bathing suit as we will have a swimming event during the camp.

How long does the monologue have to be that we do on the first night?

We ask the monologue be no longer than 1 minute.  The only restriction on the type of monologue you perform is that it NOT by a classical monologue (Shakespeare, Greeks, etc)

I have read the list of things that we need to bring, and I was wondering if we had to bring things like lamps, bathroom hand soaps?

A reading lamp might be wanted by some campers. There are overhead fluorescents in the dorm rooms. You should definitely bring your own soaps and such for sanitary reasons.

How many people are going to be sharing a dorm room?

There are two campers in each room and two rooms share a common bathroom area.

Are students allowed to bring things such as ipods, cell phones, and tablets pcs?

They are, but must be turned off during classes, rehearsals, and after 10:30pm at night unless there’s an emergency that we are made aware of by the campers parents/guardians.

Do we have to bring our own set of theatre make-up?

Yes please do. All campers must either bring their own kit or they can buy one at check-in.

Can the fee be paid in installments?

Yes.  Baylor allows for you to break the payment up during the application process.